Posted by Shelby Wilson on 04/21/2016

Matt Clark

How did you get involved with Traditions Spirits?
I moved to Oklahoma from Nebraska in the summer of 2006 to go to school,  and they were just about finished building the casino. I applied for a job there, thinking that I didn’t have the right experience. I had been a mechanic for the previous four years and the only serving/hospitality work history I had was a year of working at a movie theater in the concession stand when I was fifteen, but the Nation called me and gave me a job that quickly transferred to Traditions when they decided to start a beverage company. 

What is your most vivid memory (recently or in the past) of Traditions Spirits?
That’s a tough one, since there have been hundreds! Everything from our softball league years ago to Mike Antoine’s acceptance speech when he won Employee of the year. A lot of those memories are fun, and touching at times, but the most vivid memories are the ones that come from helping the employees and co-workers in times of need. Tornado clean up at Bridget’s house with those awesome sandwiches! Getting a card and flower arrangements together for staff that just suffered a loss and putting together a fundraiser for staff when their home burns down. Those are probably the most vivid memories.

Traditions Spirits Community

What is your favorite food and/or drink at Chips 'N Ales and Riverwind's bars?
I like several kinds of drinks so it’s difficult to choose just one, but I will say the chicken tacos they served for a limited time at Chips 'N Ales were probably my favorite. I think all of their food is great, though!

Can you tell me about the bars at Riverwind?
The bars here at Riverwind are fun to work behind because they can run efficiently for low volume without having waste or products going bad but when it comes to a slammed night or weekend they can kick out thousands of dollars in sales per hour, if not more, on some event nights. 

What is the best part of the bars?
The best part about the bars are the staff. Thee bars would be meaningless without the staff pumping out that quality service and product. 

Any new or exciting developments that we can look forward to?
Beats and Bites! Every 2nd Saturday of every month this summer we will be having a party in the parking lot with great food, music and drinks! The staff has a great time out there and we get to expand our skills and service to different dynamics outside of the building.

 Beats & Bites Riverwind