Posted on 06/10/2018

Last April, our partners at Red Bull ran a contest between the managers at our five largest beverage departments to see who could sell the most Red Bull during that month. The winning department was WinStar Beverage, and Aneudys Tejada was selected to receive the prize—an all-inclusive VIP trip to Red Bull’s annual Cliff Diving event at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas! Aneudys described his experience as “wicked fun!” Hailing from New Hampshire, he didn’t grow up around lakes and boats, and he was a little nervous at first, but that quickly changed after he got a few Red Bulls in his system! “Everybody was so nice”, said Aneudys, “especially Alex—he took the time to introduce me to all of the other people associated with Red Bull, and we all got along great. There was music playing, and everyone was telling stories! Some of the dives were just, cartoonishly crazy!” Aneudys was also treated to dinner and an after party! “They did an awesome job of making it an experience,” said Aneudys, “not just by putting me on a boat in the front row, but by being real genuine people the whole time”. Congratulations to both WinStar Beverage and Aneudys, and thank you to our Red Bull rep, Alex Moffe!